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For the first time ever we are launching exclusive mini facial packages!

Perfect for those new to these treatments, as a gift for someone who wants to experience facials that really do deliver results, or for those wanting to top up and improve their current regime.

CACI (pronounced kaysee) has been the world leading non surgical face lift for over 20 years.

First developed to treat those affected by bells palsy and strokes, it was bought into the cosmetics fields thanks to its amazing results.

CACI has its own patented technology which works to re-educate your muscles, creating a lifted and toned effect.

Using a series of movements targeting all 32 muscles in your face, it provides fantastic results for those wanting to make the best of what they have without undergoing any invasive procedure or surgery.

It’s totally painless and so relaxing most clients fall asleep.

Our range of CACI facials doesn’t just end with the muscles though, we also have the ‘chemical free peel’, the ‘collagen inducing technology’, and ‘youthful complexion’ treatments, which target blocked/enlarged pores, lines and wrinkles, dull, dry and dehydrated skin.

We offer various levels depending on your own needs. Check out our videos here to help you decide, or book a free consultation here, if you’d like to know which to go for.

Don’t forget that you can now pay with Klarna, allowing you to purchase now and pay in 30 days or in 3 installments to help spread the cost 🙂


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