Lava Shell Massage


Lava shell massage is where we use specially heated clam shells as an effective heat tool. Their silky-smooth surface and constant heat source provide a heat experience like no other.

Due to the size and shape of the lava shells, the therapist can use them in different ways to work away at knots, elongate tight muscles and generally soothe away built up tension.

Reason’s why you’ll love this


* It’s a blissful heat experience that will leave you floating on air

* It offers a unique treatment

* It can boost circulation and lymph to aid in detoxing

Treatment options


Back Massage                                                    30 mins £35

This is a tailored massage to ease tension and stress in the most common problem area- your back. Using a variety of movements with the shells, the heat experience will leave you feeling lighter and more relaxed.


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage                45 mins £45

This longer massage enables us to work on your neck and shoulders as well as your back, leading to even greater tension and stress release.


Full Body Massage                                           60 mins £55

This massage generally focuses on your legs, feet, back, arms, neck and shoulders. It is tailored to you and we can focus more on specific problem areas if you wish.


Top-to-Toe Massage                                       80 mins £65

This is like a heavenly escape. The longer treatment time means you’ll leave floating on air.