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Spray Tanning


Spray tans are the perfect, safe way to get an instant all over glow without the fuss of self tans.

And there’s no better way than with St. Tropez as it’s the leading tanning brand globally, with one spray tan being performed every minute!

Reasons you will love it 


* No self tan smell thanks to St. Tropez’s unique aromaguard technology

* Streak free finish

* Quick drying and non sticky

* Hydrating formula

* Express tan available- develops in just 1-3 hours

* Shades to suit you- choose from Classic, Dark and Extra Dark

* Vegan friendly

* Lasts 7-10 days (with a gradual even fade)

Treatment options


Full Body Spray Tan 20 mins £20

Half Body/Legs Only 10 mins £10

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