WHAT a funeral and a fire within 24 hours taught me...

So yesterday turned out to be a far more eventful day than expected, here's some lessons that I hope help and inspire...

Yesterday was already a far from normal Tuesday.

I had made the journey up to the Midlands the day before to say a final goodbye to my great Aunt. I haven't been back 'up North' for many years and it was a day filled with lots of reminiscing, sadness and love.

Funerals have a way of really bringing us back to facing our own mortality don't they? I never feel like it's a morbid thing, more of a reality check about what this life is all about.

I arrived back home last night, pretty tired after a night on a sofa and a long drive, so had some food and went to bed, still processing the day's emotions... 

and so to the fire...

About 11pm David came in to wake me up asking for 'back up' as the dryer downstairs (in Willow) was on fire. Suddenly springing into action, I followed his lead- grabbing the fire extinguisher and trying desperately to stay calm. In the few moments it took for David to come and get me, the fire had gone from a small smolder to full on flames.

The smoke was unbearable.

He wrapped a damp towel over his face, took the fire extinguisher and managed to put the fire out. With the main threat now extinguished, it was the huge task of clearing out the smoke and the towels that had caused the fire...

After a couple of hours of airing the building, cleaning and removing the dryer, we could finally grab a shower and take stock of what happened.

The lessons

I truly believe in the power of reflection and taking what insights we can out of situations in order to learn and grow. It's a key pillar of my own life and business. So hopefully these lessons provide a point of reflection for you too...

1. what are you waiting for?

We don't know what is round the corner or what curve balls life will throw at us, so what exactly are you waiting for..?

The right moment? The right person? The right... (fill in the blank)?

I wonder how many opportunities are lost, how many experiences are missed, because we are too busy waiting. So tune into what you really desire and decide that, no matter how small, you will take some action towards it. Even if it's believing it's possible for a start!

2. Are you an afterthought?

Working within a caring profession, this is a trend I see time and time again. People so often put themselves at the bottom of the pile, keeping busy with making sure everyone else is okay, diminishing what they truly need and want.

So let me ask you this... what are your current thoughts and actions costing you? I mean REALLY costing you. In terms of your health, happiness and well-being.

I get this can be a hard truth to answer, but honestly, when death can happen at anytime, and your whole home and business can literally go up in flames at any moment, why wouldn't you want your well-being and happiness to matter..?

Note- this is about YOU as a person, who you are when all else fades away, when you find yourself alone in the quiet. After all, that is ultimately what we are left with...

3. if not now, then when?

Following the theme that we all have a finite amount of time in this space, if you won't do what you need now, then when will you do it? I get that not everything can happen instantly, but I give you this challenge...

If you constantly talk using phrases like 'well maybe that would be nice one day' or 'that's a nice idea, maybe later' or 'well, it's ok for them, I just don't think I can'...

Then check in with what you are actually saying. Because if you repeat those phrases above, they sound... well... rather 'wet' don't they? All very ambiguous and not very convincing. So start changing that voice by making a decision and putting a time on it...

'I would love to find another job, I'll set aside 30 mins each night to find out what I love and research how that translates into what people need and how I could earn money' or 'how is it that 'she' always seems so calm and content, I'll contact her and arrange a coffee to find our more and see what books I can read to help my motivation'. 

Already sounds more convincing doesn't it? Oh and just so you know, it's never too late to start, begin again or try something new 🙂

4. The power of peace

I am definitely feeling a shift. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older, or the world seems to be getting crazier, but I am feeling a definite pull to really embody what I want to see in the world.

That for me, comes down to a very simple desire to see and experience more love and peace.

So however you experience love and peace for yourself, do more of that, and then bring that gorgeous energy into the world for everyone else to enjoy too.

5. asking for help

Of all the actions David took to essentially save our home, business and lives last night, he told me the single biggest action he took was to come and ask for my help.

We are co-directors of Willow, co-founders of a new project and partners in life, so we do function incredibly well as a team. 

He could have tackled the fire on his own, and it probably would have been ok. However, he knew that I would have his back if anything started to get worse.

And there lies a powerful lesson. We so often 'push through' or suffer long, tortured times because we won't ask for help., or we don't believe any help is avialble for us.

Yes it requires some vulnerability, and I totally get how scary that can be, but I promise that getting help from the right people at the right time can literally save you.

Your well-being is our service

We are about so much more than helping you 'look good', our services are about going deeper into helping you feel better too.

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