Body Scrubs and Wraps


There is nothing quite like taking some much needed time out for yourself whilst feeling the huge benefits of our natural mineral enriched products getting to work cleansing, detoxing and toning your body.

Reasons why you’ll love this


* We use natural active seaweed and sea salt products

* You get to enjoy absolute relaxation plus the lasting effects of silky soft skin

* They are pre-holiday must haves ensuring you not only feel your best but have perfectly prepped skin too

Treatment options


Full Body Salt Scrub           30 mins £28  

  Add to another treatment for only £18

This is where we use a pure mineral salt scrub combined with essential oils to gently exfoliate away dead, dry skin, to leave you with silky smooth, glowing skin.


Detox and Tone Body Wrap   60 min £55

Using powerfully active natural seaweed ingredients, this wrap begins with a Full Body Salt Scrub, followed by the application of the Seaweed cream. Then whilst you are cocooned, you get to enjoy a Head Massage, before we mitt off the Seaweed cream and finish with some warming oils.

Add on an Oxygen Infused Facial whilst you are cocooned in the wrap for only £10 extra.