Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic massage is something we uniquely offer and is carried out by our most experienced therapists.

Therapeutic massage is used to describe the bringing together of all our massage skills, so that we can provide the most effective treatment possible. After a thorough consultation, we work with you to decide the best treatment options and what techniques will be most helpful for you.


Reason’s why you’ll love this


* It’s a totally tailored massage focusing on results

* It brings together Swedish, Deep Tissue and Hot Stone techniques

* It’s perfect for helping with specific problems and concerns




Back Massage                               30 mins £35

This is a tailored massage to ease tension and stress in the most common problem area- your back. Using hot stones to warm the muscles before we work on more specific areas, works well.


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage         45 mins £41

This longer massage enables us to work on your neck and shoulders as well as your back, leading to even greater tension and stress release. The use of hot stones and deep tissue techniques is great for tackling neck and head pain.


Full Body Massage                 60 mins £49

This massage generally focuses on your legs, feet, back, arms, neck and shoulders. It is tailored to you and we can focus more on specific problem areas if you wish.


Top-to-Toe Massage             80 mins £59

This really is the ultimate in massage. The longer treatment time means that we can combine effective techniques with some much needed relaxation too.