Deep Tissue Massage


Deep tissue massage is a collection of techniques that is designed to work on the deeper layer of muscles. It’s generally a slower massage that uses firm strokes and pressure points to ease and release tension deep in your muscles.

Deep tissue massage helps simulate fresh oxygen and get rid of toxins in very sore and strained muscles. It is a very effective massage for getting rid of ‘knots’ and long-term tension build up in muscles.


Reason’s why you’ll love this


* It eases muscular strain and improves blood flow

* It helps flush out toxins from very sore and ‘stuck’ muscles

* It is often used to treat chronic muscular tension, leading to many clients being pain free after just a couple of treatments


Treatment options


Back Massage                                                    30 mins £33

This is a tailored massage to ease tension and stress in the most common problem area- your back. Even though it’s a deep tissue massage, we tailor the pressure and techniques to suit you.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage                45 mins £39

This longer massage enables us to work on your neck and shoulders as well as your back, leading to even greater tension and stress release. This is perfect if you are also struggling with tension headaches too.


Full Body Massage                                           60 mins £48

This massage generally focuses on your legs, back, arms, neck and shoulders. It is tailored to you and we can adjust the pressure and techniques to suit different parts of your body. We can also focus more time on specific problem areas.


Legs and Feet Massage                                  30 mins £29

Our legs and feet are so often neglected, and they can also hold a huge amount of tension. This massage focuses on releasing tension and lengthening out tight muscles.