Swedish Massage


Swedish massage aka ‘classic massage’ is the most common form of massage. It’s where we use a combination of techniques and adjust the pressure to suit your needs. It has been shown to improve circulation, soothe your muscles and help you to feel more relaxed.

Reason’s why you’ll love this


* It eases muscular strain and improves blood flow

* It helps flush out toxins and stimulate your lymphatic system

* It helps to keep your muscles, ligaments and tendons supple, increasing flexibility

Treatment options


Back Massage                                                    30 mins £30

This is a tailored massage to ease tension and stress in the most common problem area- your back. You’ll leave feeling lighter, less stressed and more relaxed.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage                45 mins £36

This longer massage enables us to work on your neck and shoulders as well as your back, leading to even greater tension and stress release. This is perfect if you are also struggling with tension headaches too.

Full Body Massage                                           60 mins £45

This massage generally focuses on your legs, feet, back, arms, neck and shoulders. It is tailored to you and we can adjust the pressure and techniques to suit whether you would like a more relaxing, or stress busting massage.

Top-to-Toe Massage                                       80 mins £55

This massage is exactly what it describes, a complete top-to-toe experience! It includes everything from a Full Body Massage with the added benefit of a facial massage and head massage too.