5 top tips for flawless skin

Take the guess work out of fabulous skin, with our easy to follow top tips.

Ahhh the holy grail for so many is the desire to wake up with flawless skin that doesn't need covering up with tons of make up.

But in amongst the huge amounts of information that seems to differ daily, how on earth do you get it?

Well, we've decided to bring together our 9 years of facial education, experience and client work to help you to make sense of what is best for you.

1. The art of consistency

Probably one of the most important factors in getting great skin is consistency. 

Your skin cells renew every 28 days which means you need to stick to a skincare routine for at least that amount of time to see a difference.

From working with thousands of clients, I know what normally happens. You get all excited about a new cream, you use it religiously for a week and then it gets put in the back of the cupboard to join the graveyard of 'forgotten promises'.

I know it's not the most exciting of tips, but it is one of the best. Find a product(s) that you love and use it, after all you've already bought it and you deserve it!

2. be ready to change

As humans, we are generally creatures of habit. And that is hugely beneficial for some things and not others.

For example, maybe you have always used a certain brand of moisturiser. But lately your skin is feeling different, it seems to be drier than normal and no amount of that particular moisturiser is helping.

You see, especially women, go through huge hormonal changes throughout our life and this has a profound effect on our skin. It also means that our product requirements can change. Maybe we need to add in a serum to help tackle redness or dry patches. Maybe we need to find a new brand as we've developed a mild intolerance to our old one.

If you notice a change in your skin, it's a great prompt to shake your skincare up a bit. Most brands do samples/testers so do your research (are they animal friendly/ethical/natural?) and see what works for you. Although I refer you to step 1 above, whatever you try, do so for at least 28 days 🙂

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3. keep it simple

I know this is going against everything that the skincare giants teach, but in my experience, simple is best when it comes to skincare.

If you are not the sort of person to wear any make-up, and generally don't have any skincare issues, then a good cleanse at night, followed by a bit of moisturiser is likely all you need.

Plus I will refer you back to tip 1 above, being consistent with just one cleanser will bring many more benefits than trying to follow a 5 step process and giving up after a couple of days because it feels like too much work.

Not sure what skincare routine and products might be best for you, book a free consultation with one of our experts here or take our skincare quiz by clicking below.

4. you are what you eat

Ok, so I know you've heard this a lot, but it's because it's true. Every cell in your body, including your skin cells, can only use what you put in when they regenerate. For example, whilst our skin cells renew in a matter of weeks, our bones renew every 10 years on average. It's why it's so important, we provide our bodies with the nutrients it needs, you are literally preparing your body for the next 10 years!

I'm not one for strict regimes and certainly not fad diets. So in the theme of keeping it simple, see where in your life at the moment you could add in more nutrients. How about adding some fresh salad to your daily meal, taking some probiotics to enhance your gut health, or really going all out and having a fruit and veg filled smoothie every day (it's also why we give you one at the end of your treatment).

Oh, and another thing you've heard a lot. DRINK WATER. I'll leave that here for now, but do check out our post about why this is key here.


5. The curse of perfection

Ok, so we live in a world where we are literally inundated with images of 'perfect, flawless skin'. I also know that most of these images have been filtered, photoshopped or enhanced in some way.

So, here's the thing. Don't compare your worst day with someone else's best (or even enhanced) version of themselves.

Do your best, follow the above steps and do seek the help of a professional for some tailored advice, but most of all, don't let the seeking of perfect skin stop you from being happy and confident in who you are.

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