A heartfelt letter from me to you...

A reflection of life at the moment and looking towards the year ahead

I’m not sure what it was about last week, but everyone I talked to had a hell of a week. How was it for you?

I know from experience that it can be hard to find the energy to ‘reset’ and begin afresh when you are feeling the weight of everything. Especially if the days are all merging into what feels like one long groundhog day...

When we’re in this place, we often become hyper focused on our external environment. We look to change the things around us in order to feel better. For example, you might be feeling stressed and on edge because of work, so in your mind, the only way you will be able to find peace is when work quietens down or that troublesome colleague leaves. 

What that means in reality is you are putting your internal world (your feelings, emotions and health) in the hands of others who, for the most part, aren’t acting in your best interest.

And so you remain stressed. And that triggers all other kinds of reactions and issues. And the cycle goes on, gradually affecting you more and more.

So it stands to reason that we have to shift our focus. We have to go inward and focus on cultivating that peace within ourselves. Of course, it takes us doing things a little differently and that can feel strange at first. But the benefits it yields are immense. 

Imagine being able to find love, peace, freedom and even joy within yourself without ever having to wait on others to provide it for you.

It’s liberating, right?

And that’s where we are a great starting point.  Carving time out to come for a treatment is you saying ‘yes’ to yourself. It’s giving yourself time and energy. It’s bringing you out of your head and into your body for a while. It’s slowing your heart rate causing you to enter a blissful state of relaxation. It’s literally releasing built up toxins and stress so you can feel lighter and freer.

When putting together our marketing ideas for this year, it suddenly clicked why I hate traditional marketing so much. Most of it is geared up to stir up a particular reaction in you (shock, pain, failure, not worthy, missing out etc) to then show you how you should aspire to be/feel in order to be accepted and then how their product/service will do that.

E.g. ‘You've got wrinkles- that’s unacceptable- it shows you’re old and past it-you should aspire to be young and look young- this is what you need’.

We are so used to it, that we believe it. We believe it’s the only way.

But here’s the thing…

It feels ‘icky’ and it goes against everything I believe. Here’s why…

I began my training to become a counsellor at 18 on a person centred counselling course. It’s based on the premise that people are essentially good, that the client inherently knows the answer, and with the right conditions (love, genuine care, empathy, unconditional positive regard), people will naturally seek out ways to grow, improve and develop.

When we stop for a moment and take a breath and begin to wonder what life might be like if we loved ourselves rather than hated ourselves- we begin on this journey.

And that’s my heartfelt wish for you this year.

That you take a step out of the fear and manipulation and control, and dare to ask if there is another way. One where you can enjoy the process of becoming a ‘better’ more balanced you.

If we have learnt anything from the past couple of years, it’s that life is precious, we never know what’s around the corner and experiences are something to be treasured.

Please don’t spend one more moment believing all of the negative things about yourself, missing out on experiences because you hate the way you look or spending hundreds of pounds on the next ‘miracle’ that promises to ‘fix’ you but it only seems to add to the scrutiny you put yourself under.

My invitation to you this year is to fall so deeply in love with yourself, become so intune with your incredible beating heart that you give yourself what you need because it all adds to you feeling amazing.

Have the massage because you feel the benefit, enjoy the facial because it relaxes you and you can feel it working those muscles that help you feel better, get your nails done because you love looking down at your hands and seeing beautiful colours.

Enjoy the process of investing some time and energy in yourself because it all adds to the experience of you loving yourself more.

We have lived in a global fearful state for so long, we know all too well what doing things from fear and anxiety and lack feel like.

So this year, let’s journey together into greater love, peace, kindness, freedom and growth. Let's remember how freaking powerful we are at our core and let's celebrate what amazing things we can experience.

Come and soak up the atmosphere that we have been cultivating for over 11 years. One that’s filled with love, warmth and genuine care. One that puts people before profit. One that welcomes you with no judgement. One that provides benefits that last well beyond your treatment with us.